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Keto Burn 1250 ReviewIs KetoBurn 1250 The Answer?

So you want to lose weight, huh? Welcome to the club! There are lots of nice people here, and we’re all looking for that fix-all pill that’s going to lose the weight for us. But here’s some shocking news for you, there isn’t a pill like that out there. That’s right ladies (and men who are reading this)- there is no magic fix for weight loss. But in our experience, there are things that can help you along the way. Today we’re looking at Keto Burn 1250, a product designed to help you enhance your results while on the keto diet. But does that mean you’ll get those results? That’s what we’re here to talk about today.

After all, there are plenty of products out there to choose from. So why pick a product like Keto Burn 1250? That’s a tough question to answer, and requires a look at some different areas. We’ll be looking at a lot of those areas today, like; ingredients, side effects, price and even the different pricing options for KetoBurn 1250. You won’t want to miss this review! Speaking of can’t miss opportunities, be sure to click the banner to check out our favorite weight loss supplement. It’s going fast, so you’ll just have to ask faster (winky face).

Keto Burn 1250 Review | First Impressions

Keto Burn isn’t the first keto product we’ve covered, and it certainly won’t be the last. With the explosion in popularity for Keto diet supplements, there have been a ton of products coming out as well. While the premise isn’t new, there are some things that stand out about Keto Burn 1250 pills. The big thing for us is the different buying options, which make other programs look terrible in comparison. We’ll concentrate more on that later, but it is a standout.

Keto Burn 1250 Pills

In terms of ingredients and marketing efforts, it’s fairly unique. The product is using goBHB, a patented proprietary blend that goes beyond the standard keto supplement. Additionally, they’re marketing the product online in a way that makes it look that they’re here for the long haul, not just short term profits.

While there’s a lot to take in, those are our initial thoughts.

Keto Burn 1250 Ingredients | BHB vs goBHB

Most Keto supplements use BHB, or Beta-Hydroxybutyrate to help people maintain ketosis. But KetoBurn 1250 is going beyond that by using goBHB™, a patented ingredient that’s exclusive to Compound Solutions approved products. While we haven’t really been able to see what’s different about it and your typical BHB, there are some claims that they make that probably mean there are some things in it beyond just Beta-Hydroxybutyrate.

Here are the benefits that Keto Burn 1250 (and Compound Solutions) are claiming;

  • Carbohydrate-free fuel for muscle and brain*
  • Reduced hunger*
  • Improved cognition*
  • Stimulates “metabolic shift” away from glucose dependence*
  • Immediate and sustained energy fuel for exercise*
  • Benefits of a ketogenic diet without

The asterisk there is followed by their disclaimer that none of those claims are FDA approved.

Keto Burn 1250 Side Effects

We haven’t found any existing literature on the long-term effects of using a BHB supplement, so we can’t really speak to long term side effects. But short term side effects are present for just about any supplement. If you want to learn more about potential side effects, be sure to talk with your doctor before use. Remember, this is supposed to be used in conjunction with a keto diet, so it probably won’t do much of anything if you’re not using it as advised.

Keto Burn 1250 User Reviews | The Truth, Out There?

KetoBurn 1250 might just be too new to find credible user reviews for it quite yet. But if we look at the product marketing for this one, we can get a few clues. (Disclaimer, we’re not sure how authentic these will be, so take them for what you will).

The company claims that you can join “tens of thousands of Americans who have already experienced the benefits and seen the results!”

Which, considering how new the product is, is hard for us to believe. They also line their advertisement with some reviews from people like Jamie K. , Lorne B. , Penelope T. and others.

Keto Burn 1250 Price | What are the buying options?

There are three buying options for Keto Burn 1250 Advanced;

  1. A Single Bottle – This one runs for $32.99, which they claim is down from $59.99 retail.
  2. Three Bottles – While it’s technically buy 2, get one free, these work out to $21.66/each, or a total of $64.99.
  3. Five Bottles – While this one is technically buy 3, get 2 free, the pricing works out to $19.99/bottle on these. That’s a pretty significant drop from the single bottle price, which makes it a good option for people who want to use the product long term.

While we’re not confident enough in the product to recommend the five bottle package, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t look like an attractive option.

There Is No Keto Burn 1250 Trial

If you came here looking for a Keto Burn 1250 Trial, they don’t exist. We’ve seen it marketed like that a few times, so we just wanted to be sure to let all of our readers know. If they do decide to go with a trial program, we’ll come back and edit the page (so you won’t be reading this if they have).

Keto Burn 1250 Pills | Final Thoughts

So we’ve measured the risks, benefits and prices. Now all that’s left is to give our final rating. So do we think Keto Burn 1250 is the next big thing in Keto? Probably not. But on the surface it appears to be a pretty good product.

The big question mark for us is that mysterious ingredient goBHB™. Until we figure out what’s in this BHB+ blend, we’re not sure that we can recommend the product to anybody. We would guess that there is some added caffeine, or something similar.

We’ll go ahead and give Keto Burn 1250 a temporary score of 3.5/5 until we can figure out that mysterious ingredient.

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